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School Field Trips

Museum staff teaching school children history of Vermont


A field trip to the Capitol District offers exciting learning experiences for students of all ages.  In addition to tours of the State House, a field trip may include a visit to the Vermont History Museum, and/or participation in a ‘mock trial’ at the Vermont Supreme Court*.  At the State House, students walk through one of the nation’s oldest and best preserved state capitols, learn about Vermont history and government, and can even observe Vermont’s legislature when it is in session.  Students may be able to meet with their representatives, and even the Governor!  School tours focus on the idea of citizenship-- What does it mean to be a fully engaged and responsible citizen?  How does voting and participating in the political process produce a responsive government?  What is democracy, and how are all Vermonters represented at the State House?  How do the three branches of government work, and how can students become actively engaged citizens themselves?

The Big Idea Tour is specifically designed to introduce grade school students to the idea of how a bill becomes a law, civic responsibility, electing representatives, and participating in the legislative process. Older students focus on the legislative process and Vermont history in more depth.  

TEACHERS: If you would like to schedule a field trip, please contact the State House Tours Coordinator. Montpelier is the most popular destination for school visits in Vermont - particularly during the legislative session, so please plan your field trip as early as possible! Booking early will help ensure that you will get the most out of your visit. 

To schedule a visit for your school, please contact:
Martina Michelova, State House Visitation Services Coordinator
802-461-9923 |

*Please note: availability of the Supreme Court for field trips is limited.

Students have the opportunity to apply to be a Legislative Page during their 8th grade year. For more information call the Sergeant-at-Arms' office at 802-828-2228 or click here.